When it comes to creativity and imagination, we are at our best. We embrace great challenges. Where others step back, we step up and move forward. Due to our experience and expertise we recognize the smallest opportunity that others miss or - perhaps - don't want to see.

Rob Vosters

About rosewood

We assist and support our clients in every detail. From acquisition to disposition and from concept to delivery. But specially to help them to develop or transform the use of real estate into sustainable new playgrounds for successful business concepts that matter.

We have the ability to identify opportunities that adds value to our clients’ portfolios. As Rosewood Group, we cooperate with best-in-class specialists like Berkley Investments and rely on a powerful network of internationally operating and reputable real estate parties and investment funds. This implies that we always operate on rock solid grounds. No matter what.

Rosewood Group’s main focus is is deal origination, transaction / structuring, equity investing / providing capital asset- and fund management. All these segments reflect Rosewood Group’s strong partnership culture, commitment to steady performance and uncomprising integrity.

project de beyart

For one of its funds, Rosewood acquired a beautiful monastery complex in the heart of Maastricht, partly in use as senior living residence.

We act in the following real estate market segments:


A Core Concept that Works

A proven trackrecord

Rosewood Group’s success has been built around a single core concept: Partnership. The relationships we have developed with key individuals, family offices, companies and funds have provided us with both deep industry expertise and access to significant proprietary investment opportunities. Our strong partnerships with investors have allowed us to put capital behind all our real estate opportunities.

As a team - we cover all the knowhow and expertise needed to manage and acquire promising real estate opportunities. We embrace cooperation with specialists and others to realise our dreams and targets. To get things done we enforce our team easily and rapidly to move forward. We therefore are used to work also in close harmony with our clients and their goals. Certainly when it comes to the interpretation of new real estate concepts. And especially when it comes to claiming positions or realising the coveted transaction for our clients. It is an interplay that we as Rosewood Group have mastered throughout the years like no other.

In that context we like to be frank; financiers and capital providers who want to stay at- and like to keep a distance don't fit to our company profile. After all, it often concerns substantial investments in which we will always seek - and need - a trusted and close cooperation. Together you act not only faster, but you are also stronger. The know-how and expertise of our clients is therefore more than relevant to us. It brings an extra dimension to the table when it comes to creativity, solutions and perspectives that are not always obvious.

It goes without saying that within the Benelux, we know everything about regulations and legislation and other conditions that we - and therefore our clients - have to meet.


De Beyart - Maastricht


Project Den Bosch


Live Groningen


Rijnstate - Zevanaar


Project Velp


Randstad - Almere